Division Breakdown

We design and develop Security Strategy & Governance and Cyber Resilience for Governments, Critical National Infrastructures and strategic industries through consulting services and the design of on-premise cyber security and intelligence solutions.

Cyber Security Solutions

Threat actors are increasing their offensive cyberspace capabilities targeting civilian, military, and governmental facilities; their attack vectors are varied, from satellite communication assets to SCADA systems and infrastructure in military and federal installations. The challenge is delegating inter-organizational and multinational collaboration while still securing data flow among the many moving parts, as they activate information warfare, threat actors enable a high velocity of precision, advancing their threat initiatives.

Audit Services

  • Security assessment and audit

  • Security governance

  • Risk analysis and management

  • Regulatory compliance

  • Certification support

  • Continuity and disaster recovery planning

  • Information security awareness and training

Secure Solutions

  • Network and application design

  • Data and network protection

  • Data loss and leakage prevention

  • Endpoint security

  • Secure / Encrypted Email

  • Identity management

  • Mobile device security

  • Cloud security and virtual environment protection


Actionable intelligence based on real time analysis of large amounts of web information (open, deep, dark), obtained through data mining, machine learning algorithms and a high performance computing framework.

Cyber Advisory

Alpha delivers professional services developed specifically for organisations that want to have full assurance of effective information protection measures and to improve them in line with business needs.

Enterprise Management

A series of innovative services based on focused integration of technology, policy and processes to enable proactive fraud prevention and remediation.

  • Transaction monitoring

  • Alert management

  • Web threat detection

  • Data breach response

  • Firewall and VPN management

  • Real time security monitoring

  • Security intelligence

  • Security device maintenance

  • Ethical hacking + penetration testing

  • Asset management

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Threat Modeling

Vulnerabilities and Disclosures

We actively work with National Institute of Standards and Technology to disclose critical vulnerabilities in a scientific capacity.

Manufacturing, Logistics, and Supply

We know supply chain like very few do. Whether its stable or volatile goods, we help you reach your target trajectory. We aren’t in the business of making promises, we are in the business of delivery under pressure on all fronts. See how we can help your business meet demand, reduce operational overhead, and have an accurate image of what is going on with your supply chain.


  • Auditing Oversight

  • Forecasting

  • Manufacturing Automation

  • Inventory Control

  • Chain of Custody

  • Blockchain Inventory Solutions

Blockchain Custody

Alpha actively maintains Spacerock engine with blockchain modules that allow you to track your entire operation from manufacturing to delivery with immutable chain of custody.

Inventory Controls

Not only do we help many businesses handle automation of inventory and ordering we also provide door-to-pallet inventory control, all delivered on our partner shipping backbone. We have the heavy-lifting capacity your business needs to keep the orders going out.

Intelligent Forecasting

We help various vendors obtain certification, establish delivery channels, and authenticate products and supplies. See our Supplier Code of Conduct and see how different we really are. Partner with us and we can help meet demand in these challenging times.

We Coordinate Worldwide

No Problems - Only Solutions

We engineer complex systems architecture with security in mind; creating a technology ecosystem that accommodates intelligent design. At our core is agile and efficient engineering leveraging research and development for world-class innovative solutions.


  • Utility / SCADA Security

  • Energy Resilience

  • Disaster Planning and Recovery

  • Embedded Device Engineering

  • Incident Handling

  • Command Center Operations

Network Engineering

Alpha is at the ready to help your team engineer the solutions that you need now. We specialize in thinking outside of the box and building solutions to solve problems high-speed. Step aboard and lets build next generation tools together.

Robotics and automation

  • Manufacturing

  • Energy Systems

  • Automation in food service

  • Embedded Device Engineering

  • Tooling and Machinery

  • Simulation and Mathematics proofing

We deploy readily available tools and when the challenge arises, we build tools that don't exist until we make them a reality. Ceramic printing in junction with greenwood engineering inc, we are steadily approaching a viable solution to mercury coils for use in various industrial and scientific exploration sectors.

Industrial Printing

Command Interface Hardware

Total Control

Command the entire landscape of your network, while monitoring numerous operations, with custom engineered solutions by ALPHA Corp. We actively maintain Spacerock

Battle-Ready Networks

Network Mapping and Intelligence

Modular Deployment Ready

Launch large-scale operations, securely, with an integrated data and command center in no time at all.


Alpha can help your business develop robust software platforms that accomplish complex and simple tasks. We pair intelligent engineering with beautiful user interfaces to make these processes accessible to users with your own branding. We can help you migrate away from clunky tools and old software that becomes expensive and cumbersome to maintain as the IT landscape evolves.


We put your domains online forever using low attack surface products. High availability in specific or distributed geographic areas. Secure accounts allow for specific controls on access to prevent account hijacking.


Open or Closed Ecosystems

We develop applications that work within Windows Domains, RHEL, and other Linux and Unix Environments.


Quickly Transition your network or communications over to secure platforms. We have processes ready to help your business quickly recover or migrate to safe networks.



  • Full oversight with instant feedback across the entire ward

  • View emerging needs and rapidly assign resources

  • No more searching for what is next Spacerock does it for you

  • Build custom workflows that best work for your ER

  • Quickly view and assess the needs across your open charts

  • Manage teams and patients like a boss


  • Quickly handle resource deployments and prioritization

  • Assign tactical response command plans directly to field devices

  • Give your team the power to fight with accurate data and you can feed any response capability back to command and control posts with ease

  • Tactical mapping and GIS

  • Prioritization and secure communication device-to-device

Intuitive workflows that stay out of the way

Team Management
Makes management intuitive with no learning curve needed. Monitor progress in real-time with complete customization. Instant team feedback and communication capability.

Case Tracking
A system of tracking to provide real-time strategic information. This allows complete control of processes and assets, increasing efficiency and reducing case building administrative overhead and costs. Automated billing that works around your work flows.

Chain of Custody
Immutable trust chain built on real time transparency. Log everything, share what you need for compliance and audit control.

Granular Control of Data
Your data, your way. Who gets what, when, and how. Simple controls to delegate access and group sharing. Automatically send and receive information to and from your business with ease. No more latency excuses.

Data Privacy
Intrinsic security of applications and systems, constantly secured within memory in order to prevent data exfiltration attempts. Ransomware resilient by nature. Designed to support the mission-critical in all of us.

Signal Integration
Integrate Spacerock with Signal and communicate over encrypted channels. Replace field pagers or SMS with real time feedback and task tracking and interaction.

Data Authentication
Open authentication, or closed. Command and control the flow of information without unnecessary intervention.

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